Having spent a few days with Arizona wedding photographer TYLER RYE last week at his workshop in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand, it excited me to share more of his work. For someone who loves landscapes and scenery as much as I do, Tyler's work is the perfect combination of romance, adventure and good old fashioned love and this pre-wedding shoot in the Faroe Islands is about as epic as they come!

"To be honest, we both had never heard of the place before as we live in our bubble in Hong Kong. I found Tyler on Instagram and he was the only photographer my fiancé and I both agreed on. Europe is our favourite part of the world and we were already planning a trip there during summer. When I reached out to Tyler he had just planned a trip to Iceland and suggested that we meet him somewhere around Iceland. He gave us a few choices like Ireland, Iceland, the Faroe islands, Norway and Scotland and we chose the Faroe Islands because of the pictures we found online. (Even though we had no idea how to get there, we just settled without a blink). 

Since the country is so remote, there was literally nothing there. Tyler’s rental car “ran out” the night he landed and we all couldn’t find any information about our hikes but we just went with it! It took us an hour drive to buy a bouquet in the morning as well! The area has erratic weather and during our hikes, it was always raining and windy so my our hair was not happy. When we got to the top though, everything was so worth it. all the sites were somewhere I've never thought of ever seeing in my life and the perfect word would be EPIC!

There were so many struggles such as sheep’ poop everywhere and we tried to walk barefoot, raining during our hikes, trespassing hiking trails, getting stuck on an island because there was no ferry back, and Tyler almost missing his flight. These were in hindsight such amazing memories that I will remember for a lifetime especially for this special occasion. Also, Tyler had the ability to capture all these beautiful memories despite all the hardships. We’re so happy with the photos and adventure."

A huge thank-you to Utah wedding photographer TYLER RYE for sharing this incredible bridal inspiration from the Faroe Islands with us today. Tyler loves to take couples out away from the city where they can truly be alone and express their love with few distractions! We're delighted to have him as part of our vendor guide. You might also like to view this Oregon beach elopement shoot.

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