With a working title of Aphrodite, we are loving the gentle and ethereal nature of this bridal editorial by KYLE JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY with styling by MALLORY JOYCE. Captured on the California coastline at Point Reyes, the off-the-shoulder gown by SARAH SEVEN is in the very softest of pale blush tones. You can see this feature in Issue 14 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.

On my morning walk through the woods, what did I see? Right there, through the brush and pines and branches on trees, resting between otherworldly rock formations overlooking the sea - but Aphrodite, ascended from the ocean to be with me? Wind in her hair blowing, layers of silk flowing in its lover's fierce caress. And what did I do, the fool I am? Mesmerized and partially paralyzed I stood there, frozen, waiting for her to speak. But nothing came out of her lips but a treacherous smile coiling me into her deep waters, leaving me to drown in the surf of desire. Oh, why did I have to fall into a love so unattainable? I fell on my knees to worship and repent, Teach me to love and forgive me my sin!" Her beauty drenching me with a vexing spell and me drinking - drinking of this wonderful well. As if deaf to my prayer she got on her feet and left me there begging like a dog for a treat. Then I heard it - the Rocky pillars' horrifying roar, of love struck men that had come here before. With this sudden release from my beloveds spell I joined the chorus and started to yell: "Take pity on your unrequited lovers, save us, set us free!" And so she kissed me, and blessed me - I guess - by letting me be. I only saw her that once on the rocky shore, but my morning walks are not the same anymore. And every time I see the waves turn to foam, I pray for my goddess to come back home. LINN PETTERSON