The talented ELENA PAVLOVA captured this beautiful bridal inspiration at one of the most stunning spots in the Ukraine - the Crimea and it's incredible cliffs that merge with the horizon. Where the sea views are so extensive you can watch both the sunrise and sunset in the same spot. Designed around the idea of the bride's morning before she walks down the aisle, it's beauty is in the simplicity. The gown by VESSSNA WEDDING features a lace bodice, and a skirt that gets carried away with the breeze. A loose braid and natural make-up complement the surroundings. 

Elena tells us, "With only a matter of hours before her wedding, and a sense of freedom and lightness, our bride enjoys the wind in her hair. She is full of excitement and looking forward to a new beginning with her husband to be. She shows her strength with femininity and tenderness and enjoys the pristine nature of the area."