There is an otherworldly quality to this enchanting shoot by LARISSA CLEVELAND which took place in the magnificent White Sands of New Mexico. The absolutely stunning gowns by CAROL HANNAH flow like liquid silk in the wind and were perfect for this ethereal environment. 

Larissa tells us, "I have dreamt of photographing in White Sands for years. The white dunes that reflect the colours of the sky, and are marked by the patterns of the wind were the perfect palette for creating something magical and wild. I began searching for gowns that embraced the same aesthetic, and that's when I discovered CAROL HANNAH'S collection - they were free flowing, whimsical and romantic, and reminded me of delicate butterflies. SHERRIE LONG and I flew to New Mexico and met up with Micah of TNG MODELS for what turned out to be quite an adventure! We spent the day exploring the dunes and plateaus of White sands, playing in the wind with Carol Hannah's effortless collection. We kept the models hair loose and wild, and her make-up simple. We began with the cream coloured gown when the sun was out and the sky was blue. Then, as the sun began to set and the colours of the landscape changed, we photographed the iridescent blue dress as it mimicked the twilight environment. YONDER DESIGN created a stunning invitation suite with details that mimicked the landscape of White Sands - gold undertones, cracks and fissures in the ground, and the skyline of the mountain range in the background."