We are digging the whimsical ethereal nature of this Icelandic bridal shoot by KRISTIN SWEETING. The sheer peach gown from OLA MAI VINTAGE is a striking contrast against the rugged terrain Iceland is known for. Kristin tells us, "2016 was a year full of change and grief and growth. In the summer that followed the loss of my dad, I went with a friend to Iceland in a trip that was more than sightseeing, but was healing and strengthening. Putting together this shoot was a representation of the seasons of grief and growth we go through as artists and people, and how there is a soft beauty in that grief, even though it is painful. This personal project and Iceland in general, remind me of regrowth, overcoming obstacles, and new life and standing on the black sand beaches and seeing the wild waves crashing on the cliffs, I made a promise to myself to be bolder this year and to embrace this one wild life we have!"