Delicate snowfall envelopes the scene in this stunning shoot by WHITNEY HEARD in the French Alps. This creative wedding inspiration creates a sense of freedom and empowerment for the viewer, cultivating poise and elegance in the face of the sheer natural forces of wind and snow. The towering peaks of the Alps provide a cold and raw setting for the warmth of the bride and her adornments.

Whitney tells us, "Nature is an endless source of inspiration no matter the season. In a conversation with locals, I heard about a peak named “César” - near the border of France and Switzerland - offering a view over Léman Lake. Mont César was the sparkle that caught my eye in the backdrop of the quaint town of Evian. I couldn't help but dream of telling the story of a strong woman conquering the Alps. From the simple name César we wanted to tell a beautiful story. BLAIR NADEAU BRIDAL created a delicate crown to resemble Julius Caesar’s laurel wreath. The dress with draperies is a subtle hint to the Romans togas.

The backdrop of deep green forest complements the lush bouquet by LIVING FRESH. The florals blossom into a cornucopia of colour in the midst of the muted tones of the snowy summit. Glowing skin tones and the ivory fabric in the dress by VALENCIENNE BRIDAL are immersed in the palette of grays and blues created by the surrounding rocks. Edelweiss flowers have been intertwined into the delicate gown, referencing the fragile blooms that cover these mountains in warmer months. These floral details are reflected in the fine gold crown, wreathed with porcelain-white inlays. An ombré veil mimics the contrast between the soft snowfall and rugged rocks. Deep golden calligraphy adorns the invitations, shimmering on top of the soft stone-gray cotton paper. The warm beige palette is carried through to the garter, a warm detail among the neutral tones of the stationery. The ring by ALEXIS GALLERY reflects the greens of the forest while the shoes shimmer like the gold on the dress and the warm tones throughout the bouquet. Ekaterina is timeless in her appearance, while still recalling an era immersed in the mythology of Greek and Roman gods. There is a certain romanticism in the act of simultaneously defying and falling deeply in love with the elements - and in the gentle evening light, one can almost hear the song of winter and the call of the mountain."