Happy Monday! I hope you have a good week ahead!! If you're not following me on Instagram I'm in Georgia this week (the country, not the state) speaking at TAMARA GIGOLA'S workshop in the Kazbegi Mountains. It's all kinds of amazing, like two days in, I'm truly having the most wonderful - not to mention exceptionally welcoming - experience. If you want to follow along you can do so on my INSTAGRAM or snapchat (magnoliarouge) - which I'm only just starting to get into to be honest but it's kinda fun for quick unedited behind the scenes captures! And food! 

Today we're featuring this beautiful ethereal shoot by WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY that took place on the New South Wales coast in Australia. With a gorgeous gown from LISA GOWING (and that veil!) and calligraphy by FLORALOVELY it's the perfect way to kick start an inspiring week!