Inspired by the stars and one constellation in particular, Coma Berenices, "Etoile" creates a white and gold scene pulled straight from myth. Coma Berenices, a constellation named after Queen Berenice II of Egypt, mimics the shape of the Queen's famous long blonde hair. Legend has it that while her husband (King Ptolemy) was at war, Berenice was so overcome with worry that she offered to give her hair to the goddess, Aphrodite, in exchange for the King's safe return. 

When King Ptolemy did, in fact, return from war unharmed, Berenice chopped off her hair and laid it in a temple as she had promised. When the king visited the temple to admire his wife's hair one final time, he was shocked and angered to see that it had disappeared! That night, the world noticed a new constellation glittering in the sky, taking the shape of Berenice's legendary blonde locks. 

Queen Berenice's story inspired stylist Elizabeth of EAST MADE CO. to create a magical, luxe, bridal session, fused with a love of French-inspired interiors and neutral velvet textures. Imagining glowing stars streaming through flowing blonde hair, beauty artist CAITLYN MEYER sprinkled our bride with tiny stars and gold foil flecks, and we prominently featured GALIA LAHAV'S stunning crystal-covered veil. LA FLEUR DU JOUR created a starburst-inspired fireplace installation with only baby's breath, and FLEUR & FLOUR hand crafted the most delicately embellished sweets, from burnt honey meringues to a tiny star and gold fleck-covered cake. SOPHIE KAYE PHOTOGRAPHY captured the magic on film, with a stunning backdrop provided by the Cylburn Arboretum Mansion.