Earlier this year whilst I was up in Europe, I was lucky enough to spend a day in the company of the very inspiring D'ARCY BENINCOSA at THE PATH WORKSHOP held in Giverny, France. It was in the middle of the worst floods this area had seen in some time, so there were a few challenges around trains, travelling and road closures, but what's a trip to France without a strike or two! The Normandy region - the brief glimpse I had of it - was just beautiful, and the quaint farmhouse we stayed in that you can see in the images below, was all my French countryside dreams come true! Styled by NESSA BUONOMO, the shoot featured incredible florals from the very talented ladies of THE GARDEN GATE FLOWER COMPANY and wedding gowns from Spanish designer MARIA LUISA RABELL which harked back to a more prim and proper time in our history. 

Obsessed with this loose thick braid by the amazing APRIL BELLACOSA!