D'ARCY BENINCOSA always delivers when it comes to stunning editorials and this one is extra special to me since my daughter is from Thailand and seeing these images bring back memories of our time there. Styled by the maestro JOY PROCTOR at its simplest, it pays homage to rice. Arguably the most important food staple in the world alongside corn and wheat, rice feeds more human beings each day than any other food. While its importance is without question, rice is often looked at as the poor man’s meal, primarily because people who are unable to afford proteins rely on it for sustenance. Joy tells us, "I wanted to show that this simple, often overlooked grain is beautiful and special and that those who eat, plant, and harvest it are part of an incredible story. It is a story of history and culture, nature and beauty, and one that I am honoured to tell.

Joy created the most exquisite art using rice in place of a gown - it is truly next level creative! Captured at the FOUR SEASONS in Chiang Mai, delicate florals in fresh greens and whites by ISARI FLOWER STUDIO adorned the table. Neutral tones paper goods by VERONICA HALIM had nods to Thai culture throughout whilst a long sleeved gown from PAOLO CORONA draped beautiful to give a modern yet modest look.

"The story of the editorial is that a of a rice farmer’s daughter. We follow her as she returns from the market in a river boat. Preparing for a special meal, she harvests rice from the fields. She washes the sacred water buffalo who plows the fields. She uses rice paper for invitations, and art she makes for the meal she prepares. I wanted to show the many uses of rice while also showing its incredible beauty, from food to paper, art to attire. Translucent, milky, powdery, pearly, cloudy."