Being surrounded by nature is what inspired this idyllic wedding shoot by Parisian wedding photographer SANDRINE BOYER-ENGEL. Captured at LES JARDINS LE COPPÉLIA in Normandy, you can almost feel the fresh spring breeze. With planning by LES PHOTOPHORES and design by FRÉDÉRIQUE BOUTTÉ the muted and subtle tones of the table centerpiece and its composition reminded the team of the landscape and guided them for the colour of the groom’s attire. "For the tableware we chose some organic plates and a naturally textured paper for the stationery. This editorial was designed to be elegant and refined with a touch of freedom and adventure with the bride and groom arriving in a side car."

A big thank you to Parisian wedding photographer SANDRINE BOYER-ENGEL for sharing this beautiful wedding inspiration with us.

Sandrine, a fine-art photographer (and herself the heroine of a Franco-American love story), translates emotion using medium format film, creating light-infused images with subtle, velvety colours and a thousand and one intensely evocative details.

From vast landscapes to the infinitely small, from the spectacular to the joyful poetry of day-to-day existence, Sandrine has the rare ability to capture transitions of emotion, and translate the seen and unseen into the universal language of photography.

While clients relax, soothed by her talent for creating a stress-free environment, Sandrine sublimates the aesthetic essence of her subjects, revealing unsuspected beauty in both intimate portraits and large events.