"Head in the clouds" is what wedding dress designer ARKANOVA BOUTON named her creation for this shoot, and it was this that inspired the direction for the rest of the team. These beautiful images by DIMA DYCHEK were captured at the stunning location of Cape Fiolent in Crimea. The dress takes it's colour from nature - dark cobalt blue, slate-grey and indigo, and these are further represented in the beautiful paper goods by YANA BOYKO.

DIMA explains more., "Translated from greek "Fiolent" is "God's country." That's where we and our couple decided to get closer to the clouds. The Italians at the time called Fiolent furious, because the sea here has always been wild, and many a fishing shack has been lost into its deep waters. On the day of the shooting the weather was very unpredictable, it changed from heavy wind with dark clouds resembling the stormy sea, then suddenly bright rays of the sun hung down to the ground, and the wind came down, leaving only the sound of the waves and the bleating of goats grazing nearby. Chilling wind pushed towards the cliff, from where a breathtaking view of the mountain plateau opened up. Standing near the precipice, we could physically feel ourselves soaring to the clouds, because of the raging wind. But in the arms of a loved one there's always feeling of a special security and warmth."