Proving that small weddings can be beautiful, elegant and interesting (very apt in this current world environment), Irina and Pavel held an intimate and emotional celebration in Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. With their relatives living in different countries they held several gatherings and today we have the Crimean celebration captured by ALEXANDRA & MARINA SANTI for you.

They share with us, "The bride was accompanied by her grandfather to the ceremony which was very touching. As they walked hand in hand, the celebrant told the story of the couple's love in a touching way, and since they did not see each other for several days before the wedding, the bride began to cry from excitement. How beautiful it was when they came out on the platform. All the guests gave a standing ovation. A strong wind was blowing, but it only added to the beauty and the bouquet seemed to come to life and move in time with the wind. And of course the loving look of the groom, who first saw his bride in this beautiful image. So many emotions, mixed tears, smiles and joy! The celebrant gave them a few minutes after they collapsed in each other's arms - it was very touching.

The location was exceptional - the architecture combined with both sea and mountain views made for an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests."

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS LOCATION? When choosing a location, we wanted to enjoy everything in one place, so as not to tire anyone with long journeys . But at the same time, we wanted the location to include a few things: that it was secluded - to be able to do the ceremony overlooking the sea and with an architectural element which would create a statement of elegance. 

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: The dress was literally "pulled" from images formed in the bride's head. Irina wanted a simple and elegant dress but with a unique design, so a tulle cape elegant dress was added to the tulle wings, which immediately made the image airless and romantic.