The beautiful scenario below might just be my perfect wedding vision! Intimate, not fussy, relaxed and superbly personal... it's all rather idyllic! ANNA PETERS dreamt up this Pacific North-west shoot based on childhood memories and a little nostalgia. Seattle wedding florist GATHER DESIGN COMPANY created a gorgeous organic style bouquet and incredible paper goods by one of my favourites MISHKU STUDIO fit the overall feel of the gathering perfectly. A RIME ARODAKY gown is chic and elegant yet feels at home in the surroundings.

Anna tells us "The Pacific Northwest has a very specific kind of magic. It's an untamed, sacred energy - even the quiet scenes hum with life. Lopez Island is part of the San Juans, a sleepy little cluster of islands tucked between the Washington peninsula and the mainland. Every summer of my childhood, my parents and I would pack a big orange camping cooler full of snacks and then pack ourselves and our dog into the van and head for Lopez. I could always tell when we were getting close to the ferry landing because the air started smelling salty and the trees started looking scraggly in the way sea-side trees do. The trip always felt like an adventure, and simultaneously so comfortable - like going home.

This shoot takes that feeling and applies it to an intimate wedding for a stylish couple in Seattle. We wanted to push back against the feeling that a wedding is an isolated event. While there certainly is heightened focus and planning surrounding the wedding day itself, it is most meaningful when viewed in context as part of a longer journey - a way to honour what has brought us to this point and set intentions for a new future. 

We were also inspired by design as it relates to the natural world - in the clean, minimal lines of a modern structure, and in the humble, wabi-sabi nature of a hand-thrown clay bowl. Our couple for this editorial loves spending time recharging in nature together. With no bridal party, they can spend a tender and leisurely morning together, enjoying coffee and reflecting on their journey so far. In their wedding design they’ve also incorporated nods to spring, a season of softness, green, growth, and beginning. Amy of GATHER DESIGN COMPANY created the most incredible subtle ceremony installation, with blooms seemingly sprouting right out of the ground. Our bride’s personal style is on the chic and minimal side, and when the air cools down a bit in the evening she snuggles into a mohair & silk sweater to stay cozy."

Seattle wedding florist GATHER DESIGN CO. is a valued member of the Magnolia Rouge Vendor Guide. They approach wedding flowers as an artful medium to tell your love story. Your flowers will be beautiful, seasonal, and fresh, but more importantly, they will mirror the graceful way your gown flows, or the organic movement of the long grass surrounding your ceremony site. Their designs are at once ethereal and timeless, organic and architectural, and are always created with the intention of telling your story. Check out this stunning Wedding Inspiration honouring the fleeting beauty of spring that they also flowered.