It was actually a pair of shoes that inspired Katie & Steve's wedding style� and not the bride's shoes as you would expect, but the groom's who picked out a pair of beautiful and elegant Armani shoes. From there the wedding style was developed with the help of stylist and planner CATHRIN D'ENTREMENT WEDDINGS. Captured on film by PERTH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER KATIE GRANT their wedding had a strong family focus to it with everyone seated around a long table for dinner to ensure they could all dine together. The gorgeous bride tells us, �Whilst we did not have many traditions to carry through to our wedding day, we did however have many elements in our design of the ceremony and reception that considered our family. Family to us is so incredibly important; Steve has seven brothers and sisters; they almost made up half our wedding guest list! I am very close to my parents too and they are wonderfully supportive of Steve and I. We wanted a small and intimate wedding that was for our immediate families and close family friends. We had everyone seated in mismatched antique furniture for the ceremony to give it a warmly family lounge room feel.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: It is hard to pick out the perfect diamond ring if your girlfriend works for a diamond company. It is also difficult to pick a time to propose when you both live and work apart. Steve was quite clever and did his homework and took me looking at engagement rings before he proposed. I didn't think we would rush into the proposal, it was just a thing we would get around to doing one day (getting married). Not long after we had been browsing, Steve actually purchased a beautiful cognac diamond ring from our friends at Kimberley Fine Diamonds. He was due to finish his work in the Northern Territory and drove home early to pick up the ring � over 800 kilometers! He also made a romantic dinner. I got home, surprised to see him so early with a meal prepared. After dinner, he got down on one knee and I didn't quite realise what he was up to. He had also purchased a fishing rod for me (as he could not bring flowers over the Northern Territory Border) and placed that on our bed for me to find, haha.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: I initially had no luck in finding a wedding dress in Western Australia. Our wedding planner suggested that we consider looking in the Eastern States for a supplier; this is how I met GWENDOLYNNE. I was running late to get to my appointment as my cab driver got lost and dropped me a little further away that he thought, so I ran over a kilometer in the rain to get to her studio! He staff greeted me with towels and a friendly relaxed disposition, with the assurance it was still OK to try on dresses, despite arriving in my bedraggled state! After I had caught my breath and dried off, the first dress I picked out and tried on I simply fell in love with. The dress was so elegant and timeless; it had an amazing neckline that wasinspired by the ceiling of a cathedral. I knew instantly it was the gown for my wedding as it was love at first try! It was so comfortable and flowed beautifully; it was carefully crafted and feminine with silk fabric and intricate beading. GWENDOLYNNE and her team were so wonderful and were able to complete my final 3 dress fittings in 5 days, as I had to take two plane flights from Kununurra to visit her in Melbourne!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: Our florist, Julia, provided us with the most spectacular flowers. My bouquet was a full, cascading design with tendrils of vine and burgundy amaranthus. Full blooming flowers in warm blush and apricot tones through to deep crimson and burgundy were used in both my bouquet and the arrangements. Julia incorporated antique gold bowls for our table arrangements with long black candles. Julia also added some beautiful native bird feathers to the bouquet and table arrangements; these feathers had been collected by my Mother, who had picked up around our family farm in Kununurra.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: My Dad's speech at the reception was absolutely fantastic. He is a brilliant public speaker and had everyone laughing! He gave me a little brooch to wear too (which he also forgot to give me until after the ceremony). It was a very special moment for him and I as we are very close; he made sure he kept the speech upbeat as we are both quite emotional people (and we BOTH cried walking down the aisle).

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Make sure that you hire a brilliant and reputable wedding planner and stylist! Our wedding planner was also our stylist and she was excellent with her stakeholder management, matching us with suppliers that she knew we would love. We also had a lot of help designing the wedding with colours, stationery and themes; she opened our eyes to colours and concepts we would of never once considered. It was the best investment for us.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Exchanging our vows as a couple. It was a very emotional moment for us both and so exciting! Steve is thrilled as I ensured I mentioned in my vows that I would always let him go fishing (his favourite hobby).

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