After enjoying 15 years together Sergio and Gerald finally decided to get married and had Florida wedding photographer NIKKI NESWICK document their engagement shoot on a local beach. Sergio, who originally lived in Spain, had traveled to California where he then met Gerald. The two instantly fell in love, and when Gerald asked Sergio to move with him back to Florida, there wasn't a second thought. Watching the two tell their story, talk about their travels and how much they adored one another, it was obvious they both complete and compliment each other - like the ocean and the shore. Nikki tells us, "This session is one of my favourites for the sole fact that it is completely organic, unposed and authentic; there was very little guidance in direction and it was essentially me following them through the moment. We chose this location in particular as it reminded the two of the geographical locations they were from." You really can't ask for more than that can you? 

Florida wedding photographer NIKKI NESWICK for sharing this heartfelt engagement shoot with us. Nikki is a film photographer based out of the state of Florida. She is a wife, mother, and also a calligrapher. When she is not documenting weddings and portraits, she is most likely outdoors exploring new locations with her family. Although weddings are her favourite, she also has a passion for maternity and food photography. Be sure to check out more of her work in our vendor guide here.