Dmitri and Helen chose to get married in Las Vegas because they "liked the idea of getting married in a fun, fast and effective way. We did realize that this idea wasn't so good for a huge number of guests or for a great party so we quickly came to the conclusion the wedding would only be the two of us."  

After their Chapel ceremony they headed into the desert to take these seriously stunning portraits with California Wedding Photographer, YURI YATEL.

Beautiful bride Helen tells us, "When we started planning our Vegas wedding, we were sniggering at the picture of us wearing rented costumes. Preferably, the most ridiculous ones and rented at the Chapel, so we'd get our pictures which would totally correspond to the situation. But as we discussed the planning even further it became less amusing because we were getting married for real. I got scared so I started to look for a dress, photographer, a make up artist and hair stylist. We got lucky when I found the photographer. YURI'S style inspired us to create our own wedding looks. Looking at his previous work that wasn't too hard to do. This was our salvation as we really didn't know which direction to go in before this. Looking at his work, I liked the movement in dresses, the way the colours popped and the tenderness shown. That's how I made a decision to start looking for a fitting, light-coloured dress and ended up with a beautiful gown by SALON KURAJE. We trusted our photographer in choosing the location and the whole concept of the portrait session. We will never regret it, cause we are so happy with what we have now. We didn't plan any details as we didn't feel it was necessary. We pictured the day with a tenderness and lightness and that is what the result showed. The mood we wanted to portray was told in the best way."

Thanks so much to YURI YATEL for sharing this beautiful wedding shoot with us. If you're getting married in California you can find more California Wedding Photographers in our Vendor Guide.