Goodness we have a prettiness overload in store for you today with this week stunning bridal shoot by MADDY CHRISTINA. Captured at HOTEL EXCELSIOR in Venice, Italy, it's utterly magical and exudes modern femininity. Exquisitely designed by EMA GIANGRECO, it features the most dreamy florals by PRETTY FLOWERS and beautiful gowns from CHRISTOPHE ALEXANDRE DOCQUIN.

The creative team tell us, "Venice has and will always have something magical, dreamlike and iconic, but Venice is not only the art city; it’s also an incredible beach resort with a long history. The typical Belle Époque style HOTEL EXCELSIOR - is the iconic venue on the Lido of Venice with its elegant golden sand beach facing the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by a lush park.

We wanted to create something magical and delicate; an inspiring session full of reverie, delicacy and femininity. Subtle blend of pastels and bright colours, soft fabrics and the power of nature; our model Sabrina was just perfect to embody this mermaid of modern times. 

It’s the beginning of a new day… at the sunrise, when dreams usually disappear, we continue dreaming with this beautiful woman, ethereal, sweet and elegant, who walks on the water full of flowers, as it was an unreal universe. It’s a very spiritual moment where nature shows all its the power… the ocean overtakes her dress and she surrenders to it."