Envisioned by Laetitia - a talented and audacious florist - of FLORÉSIE, this editorial shoot came about when dreaming up a unique wedding atmosphere for a modern, nomadic bride. Inspired by the night sky and how it's a guiding light for travellers the stars became a strong focal point of the inspiration and was all beautifully captured by HARRIETTE EARNSHAW.

Laetitia shares with us, “The shoot took part during my annual floral workshop in France last September in the ruins of the CHÂTEAU DE FÈRE EN TARDENOIS. The ceremony decor was created with the help of all the participants, while surrounded by a group of enthusiastic and daring artisans, such as the jewellers, MYRTILLE BECK and bridal accessories designer NATURAE DESIGN. The gown designer SOPHIE JEANDOT and the ceramist MARION GRAUX both agreed to create bespoke pieces for our project, dear to my own nomadic heart.

HARRIETTE captured my vision just as I accurately as I hoped she would, with beauty and tenderness, in contrast to the arid desert feel of the ruins.
Cindy from LOVIN’ CONCEPT who facilitated the shoot, once again proved her talent by fusing our various ideas together to create an elegant, modern, yet bold style, while keeping it all well-balanced. ALLONS-Y ALONSO'S paper suite added a delicate and airy touch to this set. It allows us to easily distinguish the astronomical and nomadic moods. This exciting collaboration enables us all to challenge ourselves, to boost our creativity and to inspire each other."