We are all about some vibrant colour today on Magnolia Rouge. Austin wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE is taking us away from our usual muted colour palette and brightening things up with this contemporary bridal shoot with bold yellow accents. Captured at LAGUNA GLORIA - which was the perfect modern yet tropical location - this simple editorial highlights a bride who is both daring and confident in her choices, which in itself is a beautiful trait. Kristin tells us, "Bright yellow was the simple theme carried throughout, from her bold feathery earrings, to her larger-than-life hair adornment. She is a bride that is not afraid to have fun, take chances, and stand out from the crowd! These simple ideas can be incorporated into any bride's wedding day or bridal shoot who is thirsty for something a little different."

A big thank you to Austin wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE for sharing this beautiful vibrant and contemporary wedding inspiration with us today. Kristin has a natural & romantic style to her work. "I am drawn to colour, light, laughter, pure joy, and romantic gestures." You can see more of Kristin's work in our VENDOR GUIDE and you might also want to check out this Romantic creekside bridal shoot with plum & berry florals by her.