I'm loving the blend of feminine touches in this shoot combined with the industrial concrete present in the styling. DANFORD PHOTOGRAPHY has done a beautiful job of capturing both the details and the intimacy between the couple. 

Stylist Kate from BASH tells us, "What initially inspired this shoot was my desire to incorporate more movement into my designs through film and immediately felt that 'Comet', from RUE DE SEINE, was the perfect dress to bring to the forefront of this project. Movement is such an integral piece to capture on a wedding day as it can bring life to still captures without needing much commentary tied to the image.

This project began while I was perusing LABELLUM, one of my favourite florists in town, where I saw and started 'fan girling' over Lunaria [aka preserved Money plant]. Once dried, the plant turns translucent and almost looks like a bizarre medical specimen under a microscope - or maybe that's my twisted imagination. Lunaria is the showcase in this look and informed the rest of the design through it's neutral and forgiving palate. 

I don't work a ton with blush or peach in styled shoots during the winter - which is almost year round in our little mountain town in Montana - as it can feel a bit too feminine for my admittedly masculine taste. When spring and summer comes around, however, the femininity comes out in me and thus evolved the lush flowers paired with pastel colours in this shoot. This feminine combination plus the juxtaposition of concrete vessels, 'undone' napkins and the great concrete trombe wall really combined a group of crowd pleasers in the best way."