You might have guessed by now that we're rather fond of a stunning coastal shoot around here! I did grow up on the water to a certain extent so I guess it's in my blood, and it always makes for beautiful wedding photography. NGUYEN TAKEBA has captured this moody and stunningly ethereal bridal shoot on the island on Oahu and collaborated with Hawaii wedding florist DESIGNS BY HEMINGWAY who created one of the most gorgeous bouquets we've seen in some time! 

Nguyen shares her very personal inspiration behind this shoot with us, "This bridal editorial is very near and dear to my heart. I love using personal experience as a source of inspiration for my artistry and the inspiration behind this editorial shoot was no exception.In the early stages of deciding on the concept of this shoot, I was really intrigued by the feelings of "rebirth" and starting "anew," and wanted to explore that. Little did I know, months later, life would literally validate that concept. You see, my husband and I had gone through a difficult decision on whether to start a family due to a medical condition I have. We debated, explored the risks, and decided we wanted to take a chance. When I became pregnant, there was a mixture of fear and excitement that I'm sure many first time parents-to-be experience. That sense of fear grew as we anxiously waited for the ultrasound that would reveal our tiny baby for the first time. My eyes became teary as soon we both saw its heart fluttering; it was the tinniest, most beautiful thing to witness. But we had no idea that day would become more special than it was. That night, my husband received an urgent call from his mother. It was about his grandmother who became quite ill a few months prior. We learned that night that she passed earlier that afternoon around the same time we saw our baby's heart beating for the first time. His mother said it beautifully; she said she believes his grandmother's passing was a way of blessing our baby. In that moment, I couldn't help but feel a calming sense of transcendence about life and death. It was the confirmation I didn't know I needed for inspiration behind this bridal editorial.

To keep with the theme of "rebirth," I wanted this bridal session to embrace the juxtaposition of the moodiness of the dark rocks with the sweet blush undertone of Debbie's gorgeous florals and LEANNE MARSHALL'S ethereal gown. I wanted Anna's hair and makeup to be light and natural but her posing to be sensitive with subtle nods to the theme. This shoot was more beautiful than I could have imagined with many thanks to all vendors involved."

Hawaii wedding florist DESIGNS BY HEMINGWAY creates works of art, and we highly recommend her for your Hawaii wedding. Using a fine art approach when it comes to creating florals for your day, her designs are classic & natural. You can see more of her work in this Stylish Oahu wedding with a vintage vibe or in her portfolio here.