From golden sunlight to dark moody clouds with the wind and water whipping up and created some drama - the weather conditions for this shoot on the rugged cliffs of Australian coastal town Gerroa - covered all bases. Inspired by her new country, florist & stylist Cara from TRILLE FLORAL - originally from Canada - was eager to show off all the natural beauty Australia has to offer. LOVE NOTE PHOTOGRAPHY captured all the beautiful images and despite initially after a light airy look, she loved the more dramatic results. 

Cara had this to say, "Even the simplest weddings take planning and dreaming. Whether the guest count be 2 or 200 the bride still dreams up her favourite colour palette, flowers and dessert. No matter how big or small the celebration may be, the details are still there and they are a reflection of the couples taste, style and heart. This shoot on the rugged cliffs of Australian coastal town Gerroa is inspired by the quiet moments a bride might take to herself before the ceremony. She grabs her bouquet filled with scented roses and sneaks out of the house she was getting ready in. Breathing in the salty ocean air as she makes her way down to the beach. It's a time of reflection, anticipation and excitement as she is finally able to see the outcome of all her planning. The caramel cake she and her fiancé shared on their first date, the sand coloured linens that remind her of ens that remind her of summers at the beach and the handmade botanical soaps, made in Sydney where she and her fiancé will call home. All the details are there and they are all a part of this couples love story."