I love a good moody sky when it comes to beach shoots. Sure blue skies are great when you're a tourist and on holiday but when it comes to photography my personal preference is for moody even stormy skies. Katja from FESTTAGSFOTOGRAFIEN teamed up with Julia from OH SO PRETTY to shoot this wonderful grey skies at the beach editorial.

It's held together by the colour palette of blue mussels and antique brass and pewter: a greyish dark blue with soft but yet intense tones of gold. It is not the typical beach themed wedding as it was shot during winter times with cold, rough winds and foggy skies. We wanted to convey the myth of the ocean together with the rawness of the cold winter weather in contrast to the soft beauty and warm love of a woman to her man. Following the famous German poem Es waren zwei K nigskinder" (Once upon a time there were two children of kings) based on the Greek myth of Hero & Leander, our beautiful bride waits for her beloved man every night and day on one side of the river. Seperated by the stormy floods of the great river Rhine they are desperatly longing for each other. Will he come to marry her?