The weather on your wedding day is always a hot topic in the weeks leading up to the event. I remember thinking 'please just don't let it be raining' for ours. But - and it's been said a million times before - it really is the one thing you have no control over so if you get inclement weather, I say embrace it and use it to your advantage for some creative imagery! Whilst it wasn't for a wedding, it was this same situation that JENNA MCELROY and stylist KATELYN PINNER found themselves in with this editorial. As they were dreaming of this shoot, they imagined wide beautiful shots of the mountains and sun streaming through the trees! Naturally there was a little disappointment when they showed up to Craggy Gardens and it was completely foggy and rainy! Jenna tells us, "We decided to make the most of it and embrace the dark moodiness, and this shoot became one of my very favourites I've ever done! Tori was the greatest model, willing to be daring in white wedding gowns even while it was rainy and cold! Katelyn's bright yet moody florals were the perfect complement to the deep tones of the wet rocks earth! TESSA PINNER created the most beautiful and yummy dessert tarts for the shoot. Both gowns each added a beautiful element to the story, and we couldn't be happier with how this inspiration shoot turned out! We all learned an important lesson, sometimes you have to just dance in the rain, and then true magic is made!"