For those of you that follow my pups on INSTAGRAM it won't be hard to work out why I'm head over heels for this adorable anniversary shoot by Australian photographer JASMINE PETTERSEN. Alex & Megan have a gorgeous pup - a German Shorthaired Pointer - just like my two cheeky monkeys and I feel like owners of this crazy breed are somewhat kindred spirits as we understand each others obsessions - and the challenges of like with a GSP! 

Jasmine tells us, "Alex and Megan approached me to photograph them for their fourth anniversary, which coincided with their return to New York after four years living in Melbourne. The week of the shoot was an emotional one, as they were in the midst of packing up their home here in Australia to get on a plane with their beloved German Shorthaired Pointer pup, Johnny Cash. We decided to shoot on the Mornington Peninsula, where they had spent many weekends together with Johnny Cash, exploring the rugged coastline. Because they were leaving the country, I especially wanted to give them something that would evoke their time in Australia and remind them of its wild, natural beauty." You certainly succeeded Jasmine, it's just stunning!