In the Moroccan Sahara Desert and in the Atlas Mountains, many people still maintain their peculiar nomadic tribe way of life. It is a very specific magic that grips you when you leave the turbulent city of Marrakesh behind and immerse yourself in the eternal desert landscape. From Marrakech it takes almost 8 hours by car to cross the Atlas Mountains and the large stone desert to get a first look at the large sand dunes. This shoot at Zagora Desert Camp by ROMINA SCHISCHKE has us spellbound and dreaming of warm desert nights! And let's just talk about all the delicious colours in these amazing flat-lays - these little details are what I love about travelling - the colours and textures of each country.

Romina says, "The sun is slowly setting and our Moroccan couple is moving through the Sahara desert followed by two camels. The warm evening light makes Manal's LEANNE MARSHALL dress shine while the wind seems to carry the fine silk away. We wanted to capture the magic of A Thousand and one nights in pictures and show how beautiful a traditional engagement shoot in the desert can be. Bright traditional colours and these super sweet camels took our breath away."