This Moroccan inspiration by Germany wedding photographer KARINA PAPADOPOULOS is a story about the power of desire, waiting for something to happen, about patience and love. Discovering a unique blend of North African and European cultures, showing the beauty of simple things, celebrating daily beauty, tradition and a boho spirit.

Having been obsessed with Marrakech for years Karina tells us, “The beautiful architecture, gardens, sacred ruins, charming souks, delicious food and tantalising smells are what make this place like no other. I decided to opt for a contrasting colour palette and incorporate plenty of local details, which gave the story a radiant note and luminous glow. It starts in the historical Riad, with its amazing architecture, and then moves on to the painterly desert, showcasing a variety of local gems."

The perfect inspiration for a modern free-spirited bride who appreciated different cultures, it features ethereal gowns by LILLY INGENHOVEN and a natural beauty look by CLAIRE JONES.

A huge thank you to Germany wedding photographer KARINA PAPADOPOULOS for sharing this beautiful Moroccan inspiration with us. Born in Poland and now residing in the Black Forest, Karina travels extensively, Karina's work has a clean, simple and timeless appeal to it. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Europe, head over to her profile to see more of her work and be sure to check out this Timeless Art Gallery wedding ideas.