With 2020 being the most difficult year for anyone in the wedding industry worldwide, many vendors were desperate to simply do something creative. At the beginning of the lockdown when Italy was under the spotlight of the entire world, Tuscany wedding photographer GABRIELE MALAGOLI collaborated with MAGNOLIA WEDDING PLANNER to bring this 'Mystical Tuscany' shoot to life.

In this moment of uncertainties and doubts, MAGNOLIA WEDDING PLANNER had a vision of wanting to create something “different” for this editorial and end result was based on a mindful, holistic themed celebration. "Maybe it’s the times we are in, the necessity of finding something valuable to believe in and a good dose of trust that everything will be fine, that created this wonderful shooting and so 'Crystals in Tuscany' was born.

The idea of a very romantic and 'awakened bride', immersed in a magnificent Tuscan Villa near Florence and the conjunction of elements of different natures, from purely glamorous and decorative to the most soulful ones, is the thread of this shooting held in a hot mid-September day.
 The team had been working on the concept during the course of the spring and summer months, trying to match like-minded and like-hearted partners, all willing to donate their vibrational energy and touches to access what is definitely a beyond imagination result for all of us!

The idea was to open doors for Destination Weddings (and we hope also to all local weddings) to have their own spiritual wedding, without the fear of being judged and with the reassurance that a professional team of soul minded partners can help them in realising their special dream: slow living atmospheres, purifying scents and baths, crystals to help the couples and their guests energies to dismantle barriers and create bonds of heart, incense, and Tibetan bowls to release heavy energies from the ceremony and reception areas, flowers used for their meaning and in particular colours to enhance feelings and vibes.

All weddings deserve high vibrations and good vibes and for many awakened persons to have a tailor-made wedding based on what they live and feel every day and what commonly they hide, it is probably the most wonderful gift of all.

We wanted to connect the dots where we feel there is still so much to show and to create, this is indeed the right time to shine with our true colours.