We have the most wonderful colour explosion on the blog today with this vibrant and non-traditional Indian wedding inspiration by SANSAARA PHOTOGRAPHY. Styled by EVENTS BY REAGAN and captured at the exquisite venue SWAN HOUSE AT THE ATLANTA HISTORY CENTER it features an unexpected colour palette of coral, blue & yellow. 

Bijal & Anul of SANSAARA PHOTOGRAPHY tell us, "We approached this idea from a perspective of respecting traditions, honouring the past, while reaching for something different, more in the present. Weddings in the present day aren’t one dimensional anymore, they’re much more. They are a blend of cultures and traditions, highlighting what they have in common rather than differences. It’s that essence that we wanted to speak to. Traditional Indian weddings have lots of gold and burgundy tones, and whilst those colours are beautiful we wanted to introduce an unexpected blend of colours and textures that speak to the modern, sophisticated bride & groom.

We teamed up with the incredibly wonderful Reagan Barnes of EVENTS BY REAGAN who shared our enthusiasm and helped us bring this passion project to life. Keeping with the idea of past and present, we chose the Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia for its history, we chose the south for it’s traditions, and infused something new. We brought together fresh colour palettes with lively hues of corals, blues and yellows in the dress; untraditional blooms with interesting textures and hints of gold in the shoes and jewellery. We mixed metals and glassware with fine vintage china and more rustic silverware. Through our incredibly talented team, our aim was to show the possibilities of the unexpected."