Ukrainian wedding photographer, the lovely TATYANA CHAIKO has taken us on a wonderful little journey with this sweet and innocent country bridal shoot. Featuring a sweet gown by CATHY TELLE and florals by VICTORIA GLADCHENKO it takes us on a sentimental journey. 

Tatyana tells us, "Do you remember being a child and visiting the country house of your grandparents? The location, which we chose for our photo-session, brought me all these precious memories and inspired me to create this "country story". So many little things came to mind as I arrived at the location for the first time: going to a farm and running away from the crazy chickens and geese, eating fresh eggs and drinking super-fresh milk for breakfast, feeding hundred of cats and dogs, who my kind grandmother sheltered in her yard and escaping the bees! There were hundreds of them in my Grandpa's beehives. And what I remember the most is the scents - of herbs, of the farm, of Grandma's house... it all comes to my mind, and takes me back to the time when i was a child. They're such bittersweet memories, which I tried to bring to life in this photo-story. I hope, that you too will be able to feel something warm and nice in your soul, while looking through these images."