Making the most of the beauty and charm of this old manor in the Belarus city of Grodno, KIR & IRA PHOTOGRAPHY created a shoot alongside planner JULIA RIASHNITSEVA with the aim of capturing the magical spirit of the buildings past. They tell us, "It seems that the walls keep secrets & outlive many memorable moments. Maybe there were the children laughing or feasts taking place. Maybe two beloveds were whispering passionately after a long separation. This project took us back to the past & it was wonderful! All the team were extremely inspired by the atmosphere of the place. It was important for us to use a real couple who were in love so that we could reveal sincere emotion and feelings between them, and Yaroslav & Nastya fit the bill perfectly. They were both gorgeous. A delicate smoky-grey dress by designer TATIANA KOCHNOVA was fit for the location of the shoot. KATYA PSHENICHNAYA created an elegant custom invitation suite in pinks and greys with golden and rose quartz elements. We could almost hear the music coming through the walls of the building as we worked which carried us back to another era."