Coastal bluffs, intricate sea caves and a gorgeous sunset all combine to make a perfect elopement shoot by Southern California wedding photographer MANDY FORD. Only accessible during a particular, unique tidal schedule, luck was on this teams side when it all lined up. Kelly of LE CHAMPAGNE PROJECTS had an adventurous vision, picturing a couple scaling the cliffs and sneaking into the secluded open air sea cave to exchange vows. She created lush blooms that were loose and playful, and paid special attention to texture. Furthermore, quick sand roses placed lovingly alongside fringed tulips and fuchsia orchids provided the perfect pairing of blooms. Blush silk ribbons draped from the bouquet and flowed in the salty breeze.

A big thanks to Southern California wedding photographer MANDY FORD for sharing this beautiful coastal inspiration with us. As a film hybrid photographer with a light and airy aesthetic, Mandy is deeply passionate about her craft and has documented weddings and love stories in beautiful spots through the United States. "This means I shoot both digital images and medium format film to achieve my aesthetic. Film, to me, achieves a soft, classic colour range that can't be emulated with a digital camera alone. I strive for a level of quintessential, authentic romance in my work - so you end up with photos as remarkable as you are, with an experience to match." You can see more of Mandy's work in our vendor guide.