Well we have to admit we're somewhat sad that this is the last of the shoots from the Oregon Coast Workshop run by Portland Wedding Photographer DONNY ZAVALA and Utah based TYLER RYE. If you missed the previous two you can see them HERE and HERE. The stunning images below are from the 'Adagio' shoot by the superbly talented DONNY, featuring the insanely beautiful styling and florals by JANNA BROWN. Yet again CLAIRE LA FAYE has designed an exquisite gown that provides beautiful movement.

Janna explains her ideas behind the shoot, "'Adagio' was built upon the concept of movement, and began to grow as we added textures, palettes and the hope for golden light. When dreaming up details of this project, I kept returning to visions of a bride dancing along the shore, being moved by the wind. I selected words that I wanted to encompass our subject: delicate, feminine, balletic. I found myself being drawn to the alluring word, "adagio," which is defined as: "a sequence of well-controlled, graceful movements performed as a display of skill.

Donny honed in on these concepts and captured them impeccably as the sun began to sink towards the sea. Our bride was aglow with warm golden light, and drifted along the sands as the wind tugged at her hair and danced through her gown. Donny's images seem to slow the movement of the wind, and the blurred motion allows your eye to envision the rise and fall of the fabrics, her hair, and the silk."