I've long been a fan of AUSTIE ECKLEY'S prowess when it comes to making brides look their very best on their wedding day, and now we're treated to some beautiful accessories from her latest collection, "Reverence", captured here in the Oregon dunes by our friends from SWEETLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Jake from SWEETLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY tells us, "It's an endless pursuit of going farther than any other shoot we've done. We're captivated by this idea that every time we pick up our cameras, we should be creating our best work to date. This desire pushes us - it drives us deep into the wild of our own creativity with the constant hope of discovering an unexplored area of our artistic souls. For this shoot with Austie, I arrived early to scout the area, not another person in sight. I wandered the dunes, drew inspiration from the peaks and valleys, the solitude, the wonder of the light and wind sweeping across the sand. This place was humbling, something big, new to me, and untamed. It stirred something in me and I knew we had chosen the perfect setting.

The literal meaning of "Reverence" is to regard or treat with deep respect. From the awe-inspiring location itself to the story behind Austie's collection, this word carries the significance of what we sought to create. You see, Austie grew up near these dunes. This collection for her pays homage to the place that held her as a child and has so much of her heart. The love of home was her inspiration in creating these pieces and name the collection as she did.

The dresses from ELIZABETH DYE, the adventurous spirit of our models, and PONDEROSA & THYME'S first ever completely dried bouquet brought the story of this shoot to life."