Oh BRIAN WHITT you always slay us with your beautiful work! Autumn is a beautiful time of the year for a wedding, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Epic scenery, lush landscapes and a gorgeous colour palette are the perfect ingredients for a wedding day and we're smitten with how it all comes together in this shoot styled by Kimberly from BLACK SWEET RASPBERRY. I mean that black wedding gown by CLAIRE LA FAYE is all kinds of epic!

Kimberly shares with us, "With this inspiration shoot, we wanted showcase the drama and raw beauty of our surroundings in order to convey that summer isn't the only time of year to plan a show stopping wedding. We wanted to share the beauty of Oregon in the Fall and showcase our "locally sourced" creative talent; from the photographer to the dress designers to the wild greenery and jewels, all were from Portland and the surrounding area. A key design element was having an abundance of foraged greens and berries found in the hills and gorges of Oregon and Washington, something we tapped into floral designer, Bailey Kelly of FOREST AND FIELD CREATIVE to provide. The lounge vignette was a moody tribute to the wild backdrop of Pacific Northwest in the fall, with an abundance of greens against a sea of fog covered mountains. Our harvest table was created using all local materials. From the hand crafted barn wood farm table to milk thistle in copper vases to the beautiful Pablo Neruda poem written in gold leaf on magnolia leaves by the incredibly talented MARLY BEYER. We searched for epic wedding gowns to bring even more drama to the landscape, and found the perfect combination of all-out stunning black tulle and feathers in a gown designed by CLAIRE LA FAYE combined with gallons of romantic tulle with a modern edge in a gown designed by HOLLY STADLER.

Being fortunate enough to be able to design and style a shoot where you are allowed to open not only your mind but your heart as well is a dream come true. Working alongside such a talented and kind group of individuals allowed that to happen. We created an authentic experience, everyone on set felt it, and it shows in the beautiful images created by BRIAN WHITT."