Why hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! I've been taking some time out to enjoy our new house and get it all ship shape! I love starting off the new year with EVERYTHING all sorted and cleaned out - like literally every drawer and cupboard! Especially being it's a new house (to us) it's a great opportunity to start with a clean slate. So that's where you'll find me over the next few days! Oh and putting together our 2016 favourites!! 

We have plenty of beautiful inspiration to share with you before the year is out starting today with this beautiful shoot by MUGUET PHOTOGRAPHY. Created for BOHEME WORKSHOPS hosted by VASIA PHOTOGRAPHY on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, the shoot was inspired by the Hellenistic Period (323 - 150 BC) and was artfully directed by Tahnee Sanders of BOHEME STUDIOS. Capitalising on the beautiful and unique landscape of Santorini Island the design works with the natural setting of the space rather than manipulating it. Tahnee tells us, "In the Hellenistic Period a sense of action and movement in art was greatly valued. This would not just apply to people but to all settings. By looking at the tablescape, note the way the napkins were casually laid on the plates like they were being used. The expressive atmosphere plays a main role in this beautifully curated styled shoot. You will notice the same expressiveness in the flowing style of calligraphy, the vines growing out of the centerpiece and along the table. The main vision here in this styled shoot was to focus on atmosphere, emotion and movement as well as natural and understated style."

Farnaz from MUGUET PHOTOGRAPHY had this to say, "Santorini Isalnd is a perfect destination for romantic brides who want to have a small and intimate wedding with breathtaking views and sceneries. We could not resist sharing these beautiful images with you."