Goodness me Utah has some incredible landscapes - it seems like a photographers paradise!! AUTUMN NICOLE PHOTO has this gorgeousness on her doorstep and took Lindsey & Parker up into the mountains for some beautiful images before their big day.

Gorgeous bride-to-be Lindsey shares with us, "Our love was messy. Our love was simple. Love is unpredictable and love is something I didn't fully understand until Parker knocked on my door on May 30 2015, and my life changed forever. I wanted our bridals to feel like that love we found. Magnificent. Filled with light. Ethereal. Infinite. Love is something I didn't fully understand until I met someone who only has to say sorry for tickling me after I use our secret code word to stop, because "he just loves to hear me laugh." Until I met someone who loves me on days when my emotions have technical difficulties. Someone who brings me flowers on sad days, and someone who says, "I choose you." I climbed a very large rock in my wedding dress, and that was symbolic for me. That was the first of many "mountains" I would climb with my sweet husband. That felt very special. Autumn captured every part of our relationship, and it was absolutely enthralling to feel that by looking at her photographs."