Inspired by the cheerful and innocent nature of two young people lost in love, AMELIA SOEGIJONO captured them dancing and laughing in the field with the magnificent backdrop of the forest and the surrounding hills of the YARRAMALONG GUEST HOUSE, basking under the glorious low sunlight on the horizon. Amelia says, "I can almost hear the lyrics from one of my favourite classic films of all time 'The Sound of Music' playing in the backdrop as Bec and Mike twirled, kissed and giggled like the world only belonged to them!  

I wanted to convey a very relaxed Australian countryside wedding feel through this inspiration shoot but yet I want it to have a unique and stylish twist, thus I chose a classy and yet striking dress by SARA ALJAISM who is known for her bold lace patterned dresses. I love how we can feature both a pastel blue and soft peach dresses as a point of difference. We love the luscious and pretty bouquet crafted by WILD FORAGER. We kept the colour palette for the flowers minimal and soft. For her hair and makeup, we wanted it to look natural to bring the story together. At the end of the shoot, Bec spontaneously decided to pull her hair up into a high pony tail and we so loved it that we shot a little bit longer! It was such a dream when the horses decided to come and play with us as Bec and Michael celebrate their summer dream! We all ended the day with big giggles as the horses found the roses to be so delicious that they munched them off our bouquet!"