Imagine taking a stroll along the craggy paths of a Greek island and stumbling across the most chic and elegant summer wedding. Imagine endless cloudless skies, seas a deep sapphire blue, and the smells of lemon and olive leaf and brine in the air. It was this heavenly backdrop that Pierre and Anne-Laure chose for their wedding on the isle of Serifos, a perfect fit for their beach-loving personalities and Pierre's Greek heritage. The couple, who live in Switzerland but met one summer in Bordeaux, began their wedding day with an orthodox ceremony in a local church, before adjourning to the smooth-pebbled shores  of a nearby beach for a party that lasted all night, until everyone went for a swim in the sea at 4am! Pierre and Anne-Laure envisioned a celebration that was "beautiful, cool and casual", and made that vision a reality for their reception with soft white flowers and greenery, including many seasonal Greek favourites like white bougainvillea, lavender and olive branches. Eucalyptus, cotton flowers, and blue thistles added pops of colour and texture to the arrangements. Anne-Laure also wore a delicate floral crown - the perfect complement to her graceful gown by Manon Pascual. These beautiful images by New Zealand wedding photographers BUBBLEROCK leave us feeling like we were right there alongside them. 

Gorgeous bride Anne-Laure tells us, "Keep calm - we all stress because we want everything to be perfect, but remember that the most important thing is to enjoy this wonderful day surrounded by the people you love. There are always some details that could have been done differently, but we have no regrets and came back so happy that we'd had the wedding we dreamed of."