This beautiful Rhode Island engagement shoot by REBECCA ARTHURS is full of luscious autumn colour. Rebecca worked with artistic couple Eli & Savannah to create a concept that would reflect their personalities and tells us more about the shoot, "Eli is a passionate photographer and graphic designer whose family immigrated from Brazil to the US when he was a child. His enthusiasm and joy for life spill over in his joyous laugh and contagious energy. He is like dancing fire. Savannah on the other hand is so peaceful and calm - her creativity blossoms in her gift for floral design and other artistic talents - she hand lettered and designed all their stationery, as well as her luscious bouquet. Her voice is so gentle and soothing. She is like calm water. With their fire and water personalities they complement one another so well. For this shoot they completely trusted my inspiration to symbolise these personality traits in tangible ways. They met up with me in a secluded forest lake in Rhode Island and we traipsed through the woods to find this dock I had scouted the week prior. I asked them to bring items they felt were part of them - Eli brought his cameras and Savannah brought her flowers and foraged for more along the way. I wanted to capture them doing what they love and enjoying being together. As the sun went down they read each other stories by firelight."