Many of us dream of a special romantic proposal and this adventurous Malibu shoot by MON SOLEIL WEDDINGS epitomises this perfectly. Marissa from MON SOLEIL tells us, "This proposal story begins with Judd surprising his love with a vacation to Malibu. Prior to her waking, he writes a sweet little note that reads, 'Today is a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. Put on your best dress and meet me outside.' Judd very quietly places the note next to Lee’s bedside. Full of excitement, Judd grabs a drink and cruises down Pacific Coast Highway to the gorgeous Leo Carillo Beach to wait for Lee. When she awakes, she finds the letter! Lee finds her most favourite dress, and prepares herself to meet Judd. Both hearts full of roaring emotion, Lee embraces Judd at their meeting spot! They spend much time reminiscing on the past as Judd leads her down to the beach where she finds that he has prepared a full date just for two on the beach! At this point, I would imagine Lee to be almost bursting at the seams! Judd later suggests that they take a walk only to stumble upon a bottle with a message inside that read, “Please give me you forever.” Lee says, “YES!