Inspired by the romantic blooming almond orchard, which symbolises purity, strength and hope, this wedding shoot by Southern California wedding photographer JEREMY CHOU accentuates the beauty of this vast white orchard, a combination of black and red were applied to showcase energy, strength and power, and also for a modern, high fashion twist.

Both wardrobe styling by OLEA & FIG and the floral design concept WALNUT & MAIN drew inspiration from almond flowers, with their soft contoured petals and more rigid looking filament. The perfect balance of hard and soft design forms. Femininity and sweetness were the focal point of the first look. The elongation of the blossom crown, however, was added to symbolise her underlying potential, one that is yet to be discovered and cultivated. Attention is drawn to her eyes with crisp white liner, emphasising freshness and resilience.

The second look focuses on empowerment and energy, with heavier accents of black and red in wardrobe styling and make-up. Masculine pieces such as the felt hat and the oversized blazer was layered and balanced with the timeless and soft feminine lace, flowy silhouette, evening gloves, and pearls. This was an expression that celebrates strength in femininity, both its gentleness and power.

Thanks to Southern California wedding photographer JEREMY CHOU for sharing this truly stunning Italian wedding inspiration with us. Jeremy is a fine art wedding photographer who has documented weddings worldwide. In Europe, South America, Asia, and all over United States. His work has been seen in many major publications and in addition he also teaches workshops and help to shape the next generation of wedding photographers. He has a beautiful way of capturing beauty and we're thrilled to have him as a value member of the VENDOR GUIDE. You should also check out this Stunning Italian wedding inspiration paying homage to art and history by Jeremy.