When NEW ORLEANS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ERIKA PARKER was planning a month long trip to Italy, she'd worked out an extensive itinerary - what to see, where to go, but then it suddenly dawned on her that she couldn't go to Italy without doing some sort of shoot! After connecting with Federica from HONEY & CINNAMON WED - who's based in the Marche region of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea - they set about creating this lovely bridal shoot. Erika tells us, "The landscape is lovely, with rolling hills dotted with olive orchards and farm land. Everything about it is breath taking. With Federica's help we pulled together a really amazing styled shoot at a private villa in Ancona, Italy. The beauty of the surrounding landscape was reflected in the location, the rolling hills, the orchards, the weather was beautiful, and it couldn't have been more perfect." We love that they've kept this shoot simple... with such beautiful surroundings there's no need to do too much to it, and this way the bride is allowed to shine!