With influences from African and European culture, the tango is a dance originating from the 1880's and has always been considered a very sensual performance. We love the idea of using dance and movement as an inspiration for your wedding day - of course if it is something that is important to you. This stunning shoot by LUCY MUNOZ highlights the beautiful movement seen in this exotic dance and showcases some stunning gowns and oh THOSE SHOES! Aren't they just divine? 

LUCY shares her thoughts with us, "Because I love everything related to dance - whether it's a solo ballet dancer in an arabesque pose or a couple dancing the Argentine tango - its beauty is so captivating. I love the way a couple can dance without uttering a single word and know intuitively where to place their foot or their hand. I also become consumed by how fluid dance can be, moving from one pose to the next, without missing a beat. It's not only an expressive art form that requires skill, communication, and trust, but it also requires dedication that can entail hours at just trying to perfect a single move. I picked Bella and Chris because they are partners that have been dancing together for a while. For this shoot we picked dresses created by ALEXANDRINE COUTURE based on movement or simply because they were structured in an intricate way that made us take notice (much like dance is). SAV ARTISTRY did Bella's hair and makeup. We wanted a side chignon with a strong lip to complement all of the dresses. She kept Bella looking sophisticated, but not overdone. ELISE created a square-tiered cake and added florals for interest and texture. We searched for the perfect shoes, that had a little sex appeal and still were comfortable to wear while dancing. We were so excited when we found JASMINE ELIZABETH romance pumps - I mean they were perfection! Bella and Chris danced until the sun set, and all the while we watched them gracefully move, twirl, leap and finally take a bow."