Well it doesn't get much prettier than this from Northern California wedding photographer ALICE CHE. When ERICA ESTRADA DESIGN first created a proposal for the shoot, it was meant to be a full shoot with ceremony, reception and models in a stunning abandoned train station in the Bay Area. She drew on the history of the location and its architecture when putting together a design board, carefully selecting colours and specific rental pieces to match the feel of the location. Unfortunately, they ended up having to cancel the shoot right before it was set to go, due to COVID reasons! Vanessa of UNWRITTEN FLORALS had already purchased hundreds of beautiful flowers, so they decided to get together in her tiny little apartment and make the best of it. Alice says, "I am so glad we did, because it ended up being one of my favourite shoots yet!

She adds, "Like any couple who had to change plans due to the pandemic, we had to completely shift gears, scaling down our production to fit in one small room. We knew that without the architectural background of the train station or our models, the flowers were going to be the star of the show... and they were! For the reception table, we wanted to show off two different takes on a cohesive colour palette so Vanessa created two breathtaking centerpieces that completely changed the feel of the table when switched out, but still felt like they would be at the same reception. She also graciously volunteered to put on my wedding dress and veil to show off the incredible, delicate bouquet that she made filled with tiny narcissus, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, which ended up being perfect for our shoot! We used more of the lovely ranunculus and narcissus to style the beautiful paper goods from Wedding stationery designer PAPER OCELOT STUDIOS to tie the entire inspiration shoot together. There was something so special about being able to create beauty amidst all the chaos of a pandemic that reminds me of all the couples who have still managed to celebrate their love for each other through these crazy months."