We love a good sunset and what better time of day to hold your engagement shoot. This light in this Minsk, Belarus session by YULIA GALYGINA is utterly magical. Veronica first talked to Anders at the corporate party they were attending together as co-workers. "I looked over the crowd of people having fun. And amongst all those people I saw a handsome guy with the saddest eyes. At that very moment all I wanted is to put a smile on his face and make him happier," says Veronica.

Since that day she's remains firm in her intentions and makes him smile every day and Anders gives her the life full of adventure and magic. They call each other ‘my home’ because they only feel like home when they are together. Both vegetarians, they follow a cruelty-free healthy way of living. "He is my best friend, my incredible lover, my teacher and spiritual guru. He made me the woman I never dared to dream I could be," says Veronica.

She is my love and my second wing. She brought me back to myself and made me even better,’ says Anders.