Maria and Sergey's story began ten years ago, when they were first introduced by mutual friends. From that moment on, they wanted to be together - forever. After enduring a long distance relationship for some time they finally came back together and started planning their wedding with PICASSO ART WEDDING.

Growing up in sunny Crimea, the sea played a big part in their lives so this became the general theme of their wedding. For their venue they chose a restaurant located on a banks of the river inside a nature reserve. A beautiful landscape, natural textures and fabrics created a harmonious environment for them. Planners PICASSO ART WEDDING tell us more about their wedding: "To decorate the place, we used dyed gauze-like fabric, sea pebbles and succulent plants. We were successful in recreating the atmosphere of a seaside in a romantic and peaceful way. In the evening, the place was illuminated with hundreds of string lights.

During the mini-buffet, before the ceremony, the guests got a surprise treat from the bride. A cheese-bar. Maria's favourite hobby is cheesemaking. Only a few people knew about her hobby, and we decided to share with others her passion for cheesemaking. Maria liked our idea and prepared several types of cheeses, served with nuts and grapes. Then came the evening wine ceremony, the most romantic part of the wedding day. The couple felt that taking vows in public was too personal and decided not to. Instead, they wrote letters of declaration of love for each other. Those letters were integrated into the wine ceremony. There is a tradition... a wedding couple picks a bottle of their favourite wine that ages well. Next, they put the bottle in a box along with written vows. The box is sealed on the wedding day. It can be opened on the day of their first heated argument. As is well known, wine gets better with age, so there is a good reason for the loving couple not to argue for as long as possible. Should it happen, disagreements do come by... Maria and Sergey will open the bottle and read the letters. They will recollect their wedding day, will remember how deeply in love they were and how gentle and caring they were with each other."

TEPLI PHOTO captured the beautiful photos of their day below.