With a stunning gown by CLAIRE LA FAYE and incredible florals by COTTON SOCIAL (the bouquet is a textural beauty!), this shoot captured by LIVEVIEW STUDIOS and styled by MICHELLE WRIGHT EVENTS was enhanced by the gorgeous landscape which paid homage to the sand and wind inspiration behind the styling. Beautiful paper goods by ALLEY & CO. bought in a touch of teal blue in reference to the sea and the prettiest of ribbons from HANAH SILK complemented it perfectly. A MELINDA ROSE DESIGN tiara & veil was the finishing touch to that incredible gown - seriously CLAIRE LA FAYE'S gowns blow me away every time!

Taking place at THE FILM GATHERING in North Carolina, the team had these words to say about it... 

"If all the tender fondness of this world was wrapped in a grain of sand, his was an endless dune of affections shaped by the wind of her stolen glance. 

He watched his beloved as she wandered the subtleties of the beach, her dress dusting the sands beneath her feet, the glints in the water mirrored in her gown. She clutched her bouquet of gathered reds and oranges as she walked closer still, and his arm found a home around her waist, his lips on hers. 

Theirs was a day unfettered by complexities-just she and he, and two became one to the tune of the waning sun tracing its way down the sky.

As the day closed and they sat to dine in celebration of their union, he looked to his bride standing beside him. For a moment, he found himself jealous for the way the wind played with her hair, when her eyes met his and a smile played at her lips, and every happiness flooded his soul. Theirs was a love to rival the sands of time."