We're loving the serenity of this peaceful swan lake inspired ballet bridal by Melbourne Wedding Photographer ASHTON JEAN-PIERRE. Captured at the beautiful Rainbow Bay in Queensland, it was styled by AUGUSTA COLLECTIVE and features a pale pink wedding gown from Ukrainian designer CATHYTELLE.

Ashton tells us, "It was a cool calming afternoon on Rainbow Bay. Our inspired 'Swan Lake meets the sea' ballerina bride had a quiet beach, instead of standing on stage under beaming lights in front of countless admirers at the old Opera House. Our delicate bride was in her own little carefree world with flowing silks of CATHYTELLE and scents of king proteas combined with salt from the sea mist slowly giving her tousled curls to surround her soft braids. She danced with a tender gold feather headpiece and lush florals overflowing with Australian gum tree leaves. Admirers were invited to watch in awe of the ballerina mastering her Grande Jeté for the very last time, wearing a soft sensual lace dressing gown that fell from her perfect postured shoulders at a very precious unforgettable golden hour."